We saw a wedding in the Nature Museum Park that was a fit for us. We phoned for our appointment, got our license and got married in the same park when we were in Ottawa from NWT. When the officiant asked us how old our children are and we said 27 years, they will never believe we got married, we all had a big laugh.

                                                                                                                                                Jim & Jean


A tanker truck had spilled oil at the Farm roundabout a few hours before our wedding there. The ceremony ended up being an hour later than scheduled, but all of the guests were found and the ceremony and weather were beautiful. The minister was very helpful and patient.

                                                                                                                                                                T & K


We had phoned around and some people wanted our money without meeting us. Others weren’t too friendly and kept phoning us back. Ottawa Weddings Your Way picked-up the phone, gave us their time and we met with them.  Thank-you for making our wedding dreams come true in the location of our choice!

                                                                                                                                                                                Bob & Bonnie


We had our own ideas of how we wanted to get married. We had bought a house in Chrystal Beach and built a garden to have our wedding there. We wrote our own vows. Our old dog Marley was the ring bearer. Everyone laughed when she came out with her red bow and the ring box around her neck.

Everyone loved the ceremony, especially us.



We had problems getting pregnant. We threw a coin into Brown’s Inlet and conceived. We phoned Hari at Weddings Your Way and asked him if we could have our wedding ceremony there.  It was just what we wanted.




We phoned Siri and told her we wanted a ceremony in a hot air balloon. She said Hari would love to do this. Due to weather we couldn’t go up in the morning, so we got married on the land. Later we took Hari up in the balloon with us.  He took beautiful photographs of the flight.





I retired as a bank manager and Hari & Siri did black and white photos of the event at the Bank. This is a good memory of a great team!



We were so happy with our photos. They asked permission and we’ve signed off to let them post them on their web site. You can the joy for yourself!



The photos aren’t only beautiful, but they were within our budget. Our aunt has passed and we have a beautiful remembrance. Thank-you.